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42 km. from Nagpur via Kalmeshwar and Dhapewada. This is the site of the ancient Ganesh temple, which houses a statue of the deity, believed to have been self-evolved. It is one of the eight Ashta-Vinayakas in Vidarbha.


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Address Nagpur 
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Review Text :Very nice Place. I visited it first time in last summer and would like to visit Adasa, whenever I go to Nagpur
Rate : 5 out of 5
Review Text :Definately Adasa is a very soul satisfying place
Rate : 3 out of 5
Review Text :Adasa Ganesh Shami Vignesh is our Kuldaiwat and we worship this Ganesh in our family. I like thIs Ganesh Idol which is a giant and very Big. We whenever visit Nagapur, we visit the Adasa.
Rate : 5 out of 5




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