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Nagpur Accomodation : Hotels

Nagpur has large number of hotels ranging from budget to exquisite Suites. Though it is best to book your hotel before you arrive in the city if you very particular about the room quality , room service, toilet , etc.

Speaking about budget hotels, lodges, you'll find many near the Railway station towards the old Nagpur. Most of the times the Auto-Rickshaw person would take you to the hotel of your budget and your choice. The rick fellow gets almost Rs. 100 - 250/ per room booked so don't pay much for the fair.

List of economy hotels and lodges in Nagpur

Some of the good hotels, tarrif ranging from Rs. 1500 and upwards are :

  • Hotel Hardeo Group : Very near to the Market Place, centrally located.
  • Tuli International : SItuated in Sadar area.
  • Hotel Centre Point : Situated on Central Bazaar road. Good hotel.
  • Hotel Pride : A five Star hotel only a kilometer away from the airport.

It is good to book a hotel before coming to Nagpur as the room get full sometimes for unknown reasons. Possibly marriage or political party functions.


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